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That Wonderful Urge(1948)

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That Wonderful Urge(1948)

Newspaper reporter Thomas Jefferson Tyler writes a series of unflattering articles under the title "The Life and Loves of Sara Farley", infuriating the wealthy grocery-store heiress target of his stories. He impersonates a small-town newspaper manager named "Tom Thomas" sympathetic to her plight and maneuvers to get her to talk about herself. He finds her down to earth and writes a much different article about her. However, Sara finds out about the deception and tells the press that the two of them got married and that she gave him a million dollars. When Duffy, Tom's editor, reads the story, he promptly fires Tom. Hijinks ensue as Tom tries to clear himself. Eventually, he sues Sara for libel.

The sheer chaotic energy that pours forth from the lead characters and permeates the plot, coupled with That Wonderful Chemistry Ty and Gene possessed together honestly makes this movie such an endearing delight. Always good to revisit little fun gems like this. Aaah, my heart definitely feels a lot lighter now

This was super cute. I recently picked up a Tyrone Power box set (10 movies of Tyrone wonderfulness) and I'm slowly making my way through it. I decided to start with this one as I love Gene and Tyrone together. This is actually a remake of the movie Love is News, which also (oddly) starred Tyrone, but along side Loretta Young. I'd be interested to see the original to compare. Going into this one I wasn't expecting something as perfect as The Razor's Edge, (my favorite of their pairings) but this was light, clever, and fun which was exactly what I was looking for.

Gene Tierney & Tyrone Power had the most wonderful and magical chemistry. I just loved them both so much together it was such a fun and enjoyable ride. I only just finished and I already want to watch this magical gem again.

Unfortunately for Tom, his identity is uncovered just after he leaves Sun Valley when the local paper publishes his picture with a little article about heroic war reporter Thomas Jefferson Tyler coming to town. Sara sees the story and decides to get back at Tom for lying to her, telling reporters that she and Tom married in Sun Valley.

When life is gloomy, I know I can always count on old favorites like Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney to lift my spirits, as they did this evening in a fast-paced comedy called THAT WONDERFUL URGE.Thomas Jefferson Tyler (Power) has written a series of unfair newspaper articles about grocery store heiress Sara Farley (Tierney). Tom follows Sara to a Sun Valley resort in hopes of getting a new story, but once they meet Tom discovers there is more to Miss Farley than the character he's invented for his stories. When Sara learns Tom's true identity, she decides to give him a dose of his own medicine by telling his fellow newspaper reporters that she and Tom are married. Chaos ensues.THAT WONDERFUL URGE is a loose remake of Power's 1937 film LOVE IS NEWS (reviewed here), which costarred Loretta Young. THAT WONDERFUL URGE surpasses the original film; it has a better script which allows the audience to enjoy the lead characters' romantic chemistry from the start of the film, something which was missing from the original. LOVE IS NEWS focused more on the relationship of reporter Power and his newspaper editor boss, played by Don Ameche, than it did on Power and Young. This time around the editor's role is almost nonexistent, and Power and Tierney enjoy a great deal of joint screen time.Power and Tierney also costarred in 1942's SON OF FURY (reviewed here) and THE RAZOR'S EDGE (1946). They have excellent chemistry and really seem to be having a good time together in this film. The fact that they're one of the all-time handsome screen teams doesn't hurt the viewer's enjoyment, either.The supporting cast includes Reginald Gardiner, Lucile Watson, Arleen Whelan, Frank Ferguson, Porter Hall, Chill Wills, and Gene Lockhart in a scene-stealing role as a judge.THAT WONDERFUL URGE was directed by Robert


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