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Visoft Premium V2007 04.rarl

"VIsoft premium v.2007" - the program can be found at the link . With this software product, you can create a three-dimensional image with a ready-made design and see how the one or another tile will look like in the end. First set the room dimensions, perimeter walls, ceiling height, then select the desired options for ceramic tiles and the program will calculate several different layouts. The result can be printed from any desired angle. The program allows you to choose the most economical version of the layout, print it out and give it to someone who will directly be engaged in finishing work. The program for layout of tiles VIsoft premium v.2007 is compatible with windows, Russified. Working with the program does not require special skills from the user, the interface is fairly simple and understandable.

Visoft Premium V2007 04.rarl


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